Basil are popular types of microgreens to grow. There are many different varieties of basil, as shown in the picture above. Some tastes are strong and sweet, while the others are lemony and cinnamon-like.

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If you have grown basil before, you may notice the growth is a little slow. Basil is a temperate-region species where it takes a longer time to grow bigger in the colder area, especially during the winter. Depending on the variety, the growth rate is usually moderate to slow.

Interestingly, basil has mucilaginous seeds. When the seed gets wet, it forms a sticky gel-like capsule. The main function of that is to protect seeds from the harsh environment, including the chemicals. Also, it helps to promote seed development [2]. So, make sure that you spread the seeds evenly and don’t clump the seeds on one spot.

Common name Basil, sweet basil, great basil, Saint-Joseph’s-wort
Pre soak No
Flavor intense, slight sweet, spicy, pungent aroma, zesty
Color Bold green or bold purple leaves, light green or light purple stems
Nutrition High polyphenols, vitamins (A,C,K), various minerals
Health Benefits anti-inflmmatory effect, regulate body functions, anti-aging, prevent cancers. Learn more.
Seeding rate (10″x20″ Tray) 0.7 oz
Germination time 2-3 days
Blackout time 4-5 days
Harvest time 10-13 days

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