Carrot microgreens are short, light, and feathery. Although they grow a little slower, everything turned out great at the end of the day. If you had been regrowing a carrot top, the leave and stem would look just like its microgreens.



Carrot microgreens can be grown using either soil or the hydroponic medium. I prefer to use soil to grow my carrot seed, and the germination rate works out just fine. For flavor, even though these types of microgreens are said to contain high nutrients, there’s nothing really spectacular about it.

Common name Carrot
Pre soak No
Flavor mild, earthy, vegetable-like taste
Color Bright yellowish green leaves and stems
Nutrition N/A
Health Benefits N/A
Seeding rate (10″x20″ Tray) 1.3 oz
Germination time 2-3 days
Blackout time 4-5 days
Harvest time 8-14 days


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