Celosia is one of the microgreens I haven’t got the chance to try yet. They look stunning and have a mild earthy taste. If you have planted these microgreens before, do let me know the detail in the comment section below.



Also, celosia comes in various varieties and colors. Although they are commonly used as ornamental plants, celosia has long been used as the traditional herb. Some parts are edible.

Common name Celosia, cock’s comb, woolflower
Pre soak No
Flavor Mild, earthy
Color green stems & leaves with a touch of light red color
Nutrition N/A
Health Benefits N/A
Seeding rate (10″x20″ Tray) 1 oz
Germination time 2-3 days
Blackout time 4-5 days
Harvest time 8-12 days


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