Sango Radish


Seed Type : Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated and Non-GMO

Seed Pre Soak: No

Growing Medium: Soil / hydroponic

Flavour: mildly spicy

Colour: deep purple

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Weight 1000 kg

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Radishes are easy and fast to grow. Radish microgreens are crunchy and full of flavours around day 6. Once they grow larger, they loose their texture and flavour. They make a great addition to any salad, sandwich or garnish and contain 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.


The productiveness of any seed we sell is subject to your local climatic conditions*, the sowing method you adopt, and your commitment to the planting process. We give no warranty, expressed or implied, and are in no way responsible for the produce.


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Sango Radish