Cauliflower microgreens have high germination and consistent growth rate, where you can harvest them in between 8-12 days.



They have a sweet, lightly peppery, and broccoli-like taste which makes them a wonderful choice for the salad mix. Normally, it takes about a week to grow to ~3 inches long and has an average 90% germination rate without pre-soaking. Unlike others, cauliflower microgreens have sturdy and upright stems which don’t fall or cross the other, therefore easier to harvest. You can plant them a little thicker.

Common name Cauliflower, snowball cauliflower
Pre soak No
Flavor Mild peppery
Color Bright green or purple leaves, white stems with hints of purple
Nutrition High in glucoraphanin [5] and many other vitamins and minerals.
Health Benefits Reduce risk of cancer and heart-related diseases. [6].
Seeding rate (10″x20″ Tray) 1.5 oz
Germination time 2-3 days
Blackout time 4-6 days
Harvest time 8-12 days


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