Sunflower microgreens are one of the most popular types of microgreens grown.



It is crunchy, pleasantly nutty, and slightly sweet in flavor, making it a great choice for almost any salad mix. Even kids love to snack on it too. Sunflower microgreens can be grown on both the hydroponic medium or in the soil. Even easier, you can soak the seed in a jar for about 8-12 hours, you will see some seeds are sprouting and you can then transfer them to the soil.

If you use the raw hulled seeds, sanitize them properly and rinse them a few times more. That’s to prevent and reduce mold formation. Keep it in the dark for a longer period if you want them to grow taller before exposing them to the light. Also, Sunflower requires more light than others, which otherwise the growth will suffer.

Common name Sunflower
Pre soak Yes (8-12 hours)
Flavor Nutty
Color Bold green leaves, yellowish white stems
Nutrition Protein, calcium and iron, 8 essential amino acids, Vitamin A/C/K/D, Vitamin B complex, folic acid, and various trace minerals.
Health Benefits Lower blood cholesterol, teeth and bone health, regulate hormones, heart health, and more.
Seeding rate (10″x20″ Tray) 6 oz
Germination time 1-2 days
Blackout time 3-4 days
Harvest time 8-12 days


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